Different Gown Style- But How?

Women are blessed with different types of formal wear when it comes to occasions like wedding reception, cocktail party and dinner events. But, the challenge is to dress right for the right occasion. Among various formal dresses, it is important to identify the dress code of the event so that you can level up your wardrobe game. To prepare you better in dressing appropriately (and to wow the crowd), check out this short list of differences among types of gowns.

elegant black bareback red carpet special occasion dinner dress
red cocktail irregular length short long dress sleeveles
  1. Cocktail Dresses

It is suitable for a semi-formal social gathering like cocktail event, with more freedom and less formality. Cocktail dresses are good choices for meeting or luncheon with a smart casual dress code. The ladies usually present a more elegant and feminine look in cocktail dresses, typically with skirt length below the knee or longer.

   2. Evening Gown

An evening gown is a more formal dress as compared to cocktail dresses, typically with a longer skirt length that extends to the floor in A-line designs or flair fabric. Evening gown is more suitable for formal events like dinner reception, formal social events, or a wedding dinner. There are various bridal shops that offer evening gown rental vary from style, color, and event theme. Check out our evening gown selection to shop for your ideal outfit!

blue sparkle shimmer ballgown starry

   3. Ball Gown

This is the dress you should be wearing for grand celebrations and more formal occasions. It is the dress type to showcase your exquisite taste in fine fabric and haute couture worthy design (i.e. the one to wow the crowd!). The overall look leans towards a more fashionable, graceful and stylish side.

Grasp the idea of these differences in cocktail dresses, evening gown and ball gown so that you can make the best dress choice for events. If you’re still unsure or not feeling confident enough to make your own choice, visit our store today to seek for professional advise at no extra charge! Our mission here is to make you feel at home while looking absolutely gorgeous at the same time!