Are your gowns for purchase or for rent?

Both! We specialize in rental and sale of wedding gowns and dresses in Malaysia. Not only do we rent a good range of beautiful wedding gowns off-the-rack, we also welcome customisation orders for wedding gowns, both for rental and sale.

How much is the rental for gowns?

Prices varies for every piece of gown depending on the designs, materials and condition. We try to keep our prices low and affordable, hence, there will definitely be one wedding gown that will fit into your budget. So, don't feel shy to share with our dedicated consultants your budgets.

How long is the rental period?

The rental period is for 7 days (1event).

.. but I only need to rent the gown for 1 night.

The rental price will remain the same regardless of the duration of rental of 7 days or 1 day. As we try to keep our prices low and affordable, do understanding that the costs involve in the rental of wedding gowns revolves around alteration, dry-cleaning and maintenance. Hence, whether a gown is rented for 1 day or 7 days, the costs are the same.

I need the wedding gown for more than 7 days, what should I do?

A minimal gown rental extension fee of RM20 per day will be applicable until the day you return the wedding gown.

Is it possible to use the same wedding gown for BOTH my pre-wedding shoot and my actual day?

It's possible. You just need to add-on RM300 for two occasion usage. However, should you decide to change the gown, separate rental charge will apply.

How much do I need to top-up if I want to keep the wedding gown?

You just need to add-on from RM600 onwards on top of the wedding gown rental price to keep* the off-the-rack wedding gown. For evening gowns, the top-up value is from RM650 onwards depending on designs, materials and condition. *subject to availability

Do you have men’s suits for rent?

Yes, and more will be coming.

What are the the charges for rental include?

Our gown and mensuit rental rates and prices is inclusive of profesional dry-cleaning, steam-ironing and alteration to fit. However, for gowns on clearance sale, these services will be charged separately.

Do you have any recommended make-up artists and photographers?

Yes, please browse our exclusive photographer and partner portfolio links at our homepage here.

Do I need to make an appointment to visit your boutique?

Yes. We strongly recommend you to schedule an appointment as we want to ensure that each couple has a dedicated consultant(and a fitting room!) and we will give first priority to our scheduled appointments. We will certainly accommodate walk-ins if possible but we encourage you to make an appointment to avoid disappointment. As such, we would also appreciate if our valued customers could keep to the appointments.

I have an appointment with you, what should I do if I can't come?

We understand that sometimes there is a need to cancel or postpone the appointment due to unforeseen circumstances. In such instance, we would appreciate a call or SMS to inform us so that we can reschedule and open up the slot for other customers.